Frequently Asked Questions
Q:   Where can I purchase your products?
A:     Honey is stocked on the shelves at The Flour Pot Cafe and Bakery in the Town of Tioga in Jonesville and the health and beauty products are on the shelves for sale at the Salon at 618 across from the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL and at The Florida School of Massage on 441 past UF campus. You can also catch us at local fall festivals, purchase online at our retail store, or shop our products with free shipping on Amazon!
Q:   Is the lotion bar soap? How do I use it?
A:     No, the lotion bar isn't soap. It is to be used in the place of lotion and works best if used after washing the hands/face/body but before drying off to lock in the moisture. 
Q:   The deodorant turns tan after using for a while and discolors my tight fitting white undershirts. Is this normal?
A:     Yes this is from the natural oxidation (exposure to air) of the vanillin content of the oil used for the Coconut & Vanilla fragrance and does not lessen the effectiveness. This was more pronounced in earlier lots of deodorant but we have found natural ways to mitigate the occurrence in future batches. The temporary discoloration of white clothes washes out with normal washing and the sharpness of white clothing can be improved with the use of a "bluing agent" such as  Mrs. Stewart's. It works by adding just enough blue to your white fabric to make it appear very white.
Q:   How do I use the toothpowder? Is it toothpaste?
A:     Yes, use the toothpowder in place of your regular toothpaste. Wet your toothbrush and dip in container to get the powder to adhere to your toothbrush (the top pops off) or sprinkle on. Then brush your teeth as normal and rinse out. Earlier versions did not foam but now the toothpowder has a natural and gentle sudsing action!
Q:   Returns - I am not satisfied with the product or it arrived damaged, what can I do? 
A:    Notify us as soon as you can so we can issue a refund or a replacement item. To get started, simply reply to the original purchase notification email from Valhalla Spa Organics with your statement.