Father's Day Is Fast Appoaching

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Show the fathers in your life some love this Father's Day. Protect him by giving him a gift that shows you care about his sensitive side. 

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Up his grooming game by giving him the best lathering shampoo / shave bars or a luxurious aftershave skin protection lotion bar. Not sure? Then give him a gift card to our boutique!

Fathers day gifts grooming lotion bar organic aftershave

 Lotion Bars:     Use to soothe, moisturize, soften, calm, and improve the appearance of your skin. Enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.


Sensitive skin shaving soap with razor and lather brush

Shampoo, Shave & Body Wash Bar and Conditioner Bar Set:     We have condensed the shampoo and conditioner into bars. The shampoo bar is specially made to be a gentle follicle stimulating cleanser and lush conditioner.

Learn more about how we are helping those on the front line donating lotion bars and what we are doing to combat Covid-19 as an organization.

I wish you all well in these trying times; and thank you for supporting a small local business. Kind regards.

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