Our sustainable operation is so pure it easily sets itself above any other commercially available personal health care products. You will love our Beekeeper's Secret  DeodorantBee Lotion BarMint & Myrrh Toothpowder, and Raw Florida Honey. Not only are our products all natural and high quality, they are also skillfully Artisan made in small batches.

Valhalla Spa Organics vision is to provide organic health care items and high quality nutrition to the community; help minimize pollution’s impact on the environment and health; and contribute to reducing our dependence on mass commercial agriculture as an acceptable sustainable practice.

Some of the ways we strive to do this include:

  • Shepherd a sustainable, safe and humane homesteading operation by practicing a strict organic lifestyle for friends and family to enjoy.
  • Provide friendly farm-to-table food services with the highest quality humane and organic method raised eggs, Shiitake mushrooms and raw honey.
  • Design and promote all natural and organic cosmetic products for personal healthcare use.
  • Protect Florida’s clean water supply and increase wildlife habitat by adhering to a “Hippocratic Oath philosophy” in environmental protection practices; performance of community service work; and continuing education.