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Valhalla Spa is all about living and eating the way we were meant to, naturally – like our ancestors did. My personal journey to feel better, heal from traumatic and chronic injuries, and improve my mental state of being and awareness led me back to my military training adage: keep it simple stupid (KISS).

  • Is it wholesome and all natural?
  • Would my ancestors have made this to eat or harvested it?
  • Can I make it myself without intensive machines?
  • Will it grow organically in my area without excessive environmental support?

I have taken a step backwards from supporting a”better living through pharmacy” approach to managing my cellular/tissue health and instead have  made it my renewed life’s work to study history and how our ancestors ate and lived. I scrutinize the products I use on my person and homestead and “use them or lose them” based on whether they get my monikered “Seth’s Seal of Safety”. If you want to know what I use and recommend, visit the online store

In so doing, I have been able to combine my drive to keep my friends and family protected from hidden environmental dangers associated with mass commercial production of food, cosmetics and personal hygiene items with the FDA regulated pharmaceutical/biotech safe manufacturing leadership experience I have as a Quality Assurance Director and my university degree in Agriculture.

The less irritated our cells are, the healthier they are. Environmental pollutants irritate and harm cells so if this process endures over a person’s lifetime, this can lead to the acceleration of disease states and cancer. It is well documented that many cancers arise from sites of infection, chronic irritation and inflammation (Coussens 2002). As we age, our bodies are less effective at clearing toxins from our body and the toxins stay in our tissues (Dinh 2002 p. 198). These are absorbed via ingestion, skin/eye absorption and inhalation via out-gassing or vaporization.

Simple, yet crucial steps I have personally taken to make my environment safer to live in and detox:

  • Cook with quality US stainless steel only – no anti-stick coatings
  • Store food/drinks in glass cups and containers – no plastic (glass gym bottle)
  • Stay clean using natural/organic shampoo, soap, deodorant, and toothpaste
  • Care for skin with natural/organic plant oils, balms and sunblock
  • Launder clothes with all natural soap and dryer sheets
  • Maximize consumption of certified organic and unprocessed fresh local food
  • Stopped using food/drinks that are stored in plastic or tin (when possible)
  • Stopped eating/using products containing synthetic preservatives/sweeteners
  • Stopped using synthetic pesticides in home

A paleo safe lifestyle gives the body a chance to detox naturally, recover and heal. I looked and felt much better and have clinically measured health improvements after one years time, so much so I am compelled to help others overhaul their environment. Especially those who don’t feel well and who are sick.

Our 21st century lifestyle cells already have a low tolerance for irritation and don’t need to spend precious energy metabolizing and clearing toxins that don’t belong in the body. Living clean and safe can give them the edge I received, and that they need, to recover from chronic illness through superior nutrition and environmental pampering.

This philosophy also has a noticeable and direct impact on improving the health of Gaia, Mother Earth, by eliminating the need for wasteful and polluting processing/refining methods, packaging materials, non-renewable resource usage, unnecessary Superfund toxin generation, and medication discharge through sewage water.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin


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